Monday, August 23, 2010

Unemployment: 1 Month After

Its really starting to settle in...the Unemployment crap that is. Its been a month today. No, actually, its been a month and a day today. I feel like I have taken my place with all the other struggling writers, journalists and authors who have a dream, a goal, a passion and haven't found the right company, business, individual that will take an interest in them.

As much as my family, friends, and associates try hard to give me advice and tell me what I should do, what I could do...its different once you actually have to put it into action...into fruition. The whole "Collect Unemployment" thing didn't work out like expected. I haven't gotten a dime. The whole "Call your former employer about your severance pay" thing also didn't work out as planned either. So I'm back to square one; still hopeful about the future, what's in store for me and not cracking under the pressure.

I'm too much of a "Prideful, Stubborn Capricorn" to admit when I need help. Bad, I know. But I cannot help it. That just who I am. I pride myself on being the person who always has things in the bed. Never in a clutch begging for money or a quick fix. I'd like to keep it that way...but can I really?

I've contemplated many things: moving back to Boston to live wit my Lady...get back on my feet. Take a random job anywhere just to get income circulating. Apply for regular office jobs to give me a break from journalism a while. I mean you name it, I thought of it. But...when you're the type of person I am, you have to think of many things.

There is an upside to being unemployed in my case. For the past 2yrs I busted my ASS working for the small newspaper I worked for. Staying late, working weekends, driving an hr everyday, working at home until wee-hours n the morning. But...that was my CAREER! It felt good to be fresh outta college and working as an Editor. Not many people can say that. But, when I was let go, there was this overwhelming feeling of FREEDOM. When most people would be panicking, I was rejoicing. I had TIME back. I didn't have time before. I could sleep in, I could enjoy my weekends without having to worry about working all night on Sunday to make Monday deadline, I could work on my children's book, I could read, I could cook...the list went on.

I still feel that way too...even tho, at this point in the month, panic mode is slowly creeping in, I'm still managing to find the positive in a shitty situation. The book is coming along well, I've found my inner poet again; performed at an open mic for the first time in 8yrs, I started back freelancing writing so I don't lose touch with my craft, spent some time with my brother, went to the movies a couple times. all, if I can keep this positivity up I don't imagine going crazy anytime soon.

I just keep in touch with my faith...asking God to take control and bring me something good and worth my while. That's all I can do really. I've emailed my resume to just about every business in Montgomery that was hiring. Some have called me back, others haven't. But, I'm still optimistic...

Something will happen...SOON
(Fingers crossed)

Until next time...

Monday, August 16, 2010

Personal Rant 1: Life Without a Laptop!

Oh! The sheer, utter, inhumane horror! I've been livivng without a laptop for months and the feeling is just now hitting me. Especially now since I am no longer working (which would allow me access to a computer) I am understanding how integral a computer is to life now.

I remember when I didn't have a computer at all. But then again, I was a child back then and my life didn't revolve around a computer. Now, as an adult, a writer and now a job seeker, that "Link" between me and the cyber world is broken. However, I have a temporary solution to my No PC world....MY CELLPHONE! Without my G1 (as dumb as it is sometimes) has kept me as much in the loop as I can be. I cannot be too picky...I still have access to all my emails and my social networking, but when I have to download things from one place to another or create documents I have to search for the nearest computer and guess where that search brought me....

The LIBRARY! Yes....I am now the proud recipent of a library card which gives me access to BOOKS and COMPUTERS! Its like heaven! (LOL) (sidenote: I was completely aware that libraries had books and computers. Please don't think I'm slow!)

Now though I have my all access pass at the library, I have found one flaw: I can only be on the computer for an HOUR! In computer talk that is like no time! I guess now I will just have to learn to rap everything up in an hour.
Until then, hopefully when I get a new first big purchase is going to be a laptop...I feel like a fish with no water...
Until next time...