Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Networking vs. Branding (Why didn't I think of that?)

I learned a valuable tip today. WEB BRANDING! Pure genius! "Why didn't I think of that," was the first thing I said in my head. Surprisingly, I knew this theme already from college, but never put it to use. Shame on me. Basically, as the young lady put it who was talking on my TV, us "Millenials" (us Twentysomething professionals) are using our power of navigating the world of Social Networking COMPLETELY WRONG!

Yes, we all have Twitter and Facebook accounts, but are we putting the same effort and depth into more beneficial sites like LinkedIn?? According to statistics; NO.

By now I am completely hooked. My gaze has deepened and I am writing notes. The proof is in the pudding people and this is why: with the internet at EVERYONE's fingertips...our activity has a footprint and we aren't even paying attention. More and more employers and companies are heavily interested in our Footprints. What blogs we have, what we are tweeting about and more importantly...WHAT GOOGLE HAS TO SAY ABOUT YOU! (cue dramatic music)

While we are wasting our time aimlessly meandering the net and liking statuses...we ought to be actively blogging, putting real interest in creating, maintaining and updating our LinkedIn profiles and make profitable use of our power to BRAND OURSELVES. With unemployment high for us Millenials, out of school, eager to work, degree in hand, it is time for us to take hiring into our own hands. 1/3 student do not have LinkedIn profiles and its one of the #1 ways to make connections with companies and exec's, post your resume, get recommendations and link all your web-based work IN ONE PLACE. Its the ultimate portfolio.

One thing we should all be taught is Branding. Its the ultimate tool. Next time you are on Google, type in your name. If you don't like what you see (or don't see anything at all) its time for some action. With sites like Tumblr, Blogspot, Twitter, etc. there isn't really an excuse to NOT be making a strong brand for yourself. Just like our parents told us about making good impressions, it applies to your web persona.

So get out there and get active...WISELY. Hide the wild spring break and pub crawl photos and replace them with volunteer work pics. Show your "Good side."

Happy Branding!

Until we meet again,

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Happiness Unmeasured

When you measure something you are limiting how much you want...I want all the happiness I can get. Life should be unmeasured because we should all want what it has to offer us. I have given up on measuring things outside of a food recipe. I want everything. I want Life, I want Love and I want to successfully pursuit happiness. So far, I am on a great path with great people. I couldn't ask for more...but is that going to stop me from embracing whatever comes next? Not in the lease bit. My Heart among many things has taken control of my life...this, is new. I've followed it to the very end and I have been nothing but surprised by all of its mysteries. Discovering a sense of freedom, a sense of self and a sense of everlasting partnership and Love. 

No longer am I placing limits...now there are no borders or boundaries. I can say, I've never felt so ALIVE! Its a revelation...a epiphany of sorts...a coming of age of Life as I never knew it. But the best part of coming out and basking in life's eternal sunshine is having someone to share it with, who not only get's it...but embraces it as their own second-coming. What I think we all desire out of life and of true Happiness is the unmeasured amounts of it that we receive. That feeling of waking up everyday and being blessed to have Happiness in and around you. 

So what is Happiness Unmeasured? Its that feeling of taking a deep, long breath and finally feeling satisfied. 

This...is dedicated to my Heart...
II Hearts...1Beat

Children of Men: The Struggle

In the plight of adulthood and discovery, there is the story that transcends generations…race…gender. The struggle we face in being “Grown Ups” in a world where people do not necessarily believe you “are.” No matter how hard you work, live on your own, make a name for yourself…we’re still Children…Children of Men whom need direction or better “know nothing of the world.”
The fact of the matter is, we are what we have become. Each day we grown days older, weeks wiser and a bit more seasoned…regardless,  it pains our predecessors to accept it. We’ve been thru things (no matter how small or large), have had relationships with different types of people (no matter how good or bad they were) and yet, we still keep going…just like the people before us did.
There is a saying (one I use a lot): “Every day is a new experience and every mistake is a lesson learned.” Meaning that the longer we live, exist and coexist with others…there is something to be taken from everyone and everything. In retrospect, doesn’t this make us active learners of the world and in essence a bit smarter than we were the day before? The debate that I have encountered straddles the lines of idiocracy and fear. Idiocracy in the aspect that age and experience means nothing…Fear in the aspect that the claws that symbolically tie us to our nesting place are not really willing to let us go.
Sadly, we Neophytes aren’t winning the war as much as we try to. Constantly the claws hook us, try to control us and forbid rebellion. However, ruffling feathers and little rebellion is the only way to be heard (unfortunately). Think about the Civil Rights Movement or the riots all around the world…think about the struggle-the struggle for freedom and equality or the rebellion against a certain regime. Why did/do these things happen? It’s not because they were happy or content with their then current situation; it was because they saw there needed to be a change. And how do you achieve that change when the people with the power to change it either: 1.) Do not respect you or 2.) Think you know nothing of change or responsibility…You riot! You rebel. You ruffle feathers. You continue to push the envelope until a turn in the right direction is made.  Better yet, you FIGHT for your cause.
The sheer angst fuels the fight and like any good fight, nobody wants to lose. A lot is on the line and for the Neophytes all that is on the line are a few words: I AM AN ADULT. For us, those few words taste sweeter than anything sugar can buy. Its bragging rights. It’s the icing on the cake. It’s what we leave the nest to ultimately be able to say freely. For real, it’s a sense of FREEDOM.
But freedom isn’t always free and it always has a price. But are willing to do for it? Will we steal for it? Kill for it? Eventually die for it? Who really knows but surely we all strive for it and when the time comes to make that decision…it is up to us to decide what we’ll do.
My only question is: How can we get to that point if we’re always being held back? #foodforthought

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Jovani Fox VS The "Fox"

Its because of people like Bill O'Reilly and the "Fox News" dumb dumbs that really make it easy for me to demolish them. I thank my professors in college for helping me hone my "Bullshit" radar...really, it comes in pretty handy in the Obama Era. 

Its safe to say; and quite frankly, I have come to the conclusion that people can (and will) say anything on TV and in the media. I have also come to the conclusion that we (as a people) will never actually agree on anything. But see, that is the beauty of it all. The twisted and hateful beauty of being a free-thinking person in America. FREEDOM OF SPEECH! 

Alas! With all that being said, I was hit with this TRAVESTY of reporting...(see link below)
Of course, everybody's favorite "Fair & Balanced" news station FOX NEWS recently was all over Common's appearance at the White House via invitation by First Lady Michelle Obama...and who BUT Bill O'Reilly (everybody's favorite idiot) was there to lead the three ring circus. I am not surprised he hopped on that bandwagon, and approached the situation with such "scholarly" like rigor...But what I am mostly surprised with is why he just hasn't come out and say he is racist. It is obviously apparent and I don't think I have to be the one to point this out.

The other night he had fellow talk show host John Stewart on his show discussing how "stupid" it was of the President of the United States to knowingly have "People like Common" "Supporters" of Cop-Killers (i.e. Assata Shakur and Mumia Abu Jamal, former Black Nationalists) at the White House. It was also apparent that O'Reilly knows absolutely nothing about Common at all. Painting this picture like he is some horrible "Thug Rapper" is a far cry for sheer stupidity. We're talking about probably one of the most positive and yet still kind of under-appreciated rappers who rarely curses and never objectifies women or talks about drugs. I could actually side with O'Reilly had it been somebody like Lil Boosie or Gucci Mane rapping at the White House. Clearly every rapper is a thug to this guy. 

During the duration of the interview, as John Stewart looked to be painting O'Reilly up against the wall, all he could say about Common was "He supports Cop killers," and how Obama needs to check the resume of people who he invites to the White House. And it was Stewart that pointed out that several performing artists whom appeared at the White House had unsavory like resumes. Case in point: Bono was invited to the White House in the past and he to (knowingly) had made music in regards to supporting criminals and convicted killers. But unlike Common...Bono is white. 

After wasting nearly 10 minutes of my life. Scratching my head and laughing hysterically, I said aloud to the computer: "Just say you don't like Black people." Honestly, I would have rather heard him say that because riding the ONLY negative fact about the man as your primary source of debate is just cover up for your racist connotation. But its okay, do you want to know why? Because it was on Fox! The almighty Fox. Where the world gets all the "Correct" information. I really wish for once we can step down from our AGENDAS and give people the TRUTH. The world would be a much better place...Maybe. 

(sidebar: I also found this tidbit online. An O'Reilly supporter with a blog! HOW FUN Yaay!)

If I teach you nothing with this blog, I hope you learn to be skeptical...#foodforthought

Saturday, February 26, 2011

KiD CuDi - Man On The Moon III: Prequel To The Wizard

Its been a while since I have posted...this I know, but I was just compelled to bring you guys some real music this morning!

I'm a HIP HOP fan..like a real hip hop fan, and when I came across this mixtape and began listening to it, I was just blown away...the Artist: Kid Cudi. Rating on the Mixtape scale: 10! Easily.

Since he first came out I was intrigued. Intrigued by his content, his voice and vocals, his delivery, his creativity. Cudi exudes hip hop in my opinion. His raw talent and "I dont give a damn" attitude makes his music all the more relevant in today's hip hop. Underrated?? Definately. I believe a lot of people underestimate the sheer talent this man has. I mean come on...Kanye is a fan of his and I don't think Kanye likes anybody for real if you ask me. He's a tough pill to swallow....this is true, but isn't that all the more reason to be intrigued by him. This certain cloud of mystery looms over his head, and though I have heard many people say "That nigga is weird," the rest of us have embraced his "Man on the Moon" persona. His last album Man on the Moon II: Legend of Mr. Rager was CLASSIC! It was a tale of a man's struggle with demons and the challenges of everyday life. In a period in music where everything is so Pop-ish, it's a breath of fresh air to hear artists like Cudi talk about something tangible and HUMAN.

If in anyway I have peaked your interest...click the link below and prepare to be amazed. I'm telling you. It's worth the download. By the way; the mixtape is 60 songs deep so have fun!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Monday, August 23, 2010

Unemployment: 1 Month After

Its really starting to settle in...the Unemployment crap that is. Its been a month today. No, actually, its been a month and a day today. I feel like I have taken my place with all the other struggling writers, journalists and authors who have a dream, a goal, a passion and haven't found the right company, business, individual that will take an interest in them.

As much as my family, friends, and associates try hard to give me advice and tell me what I should do, what I could do...its different once you actually have to put it into action...into fruition. The whole "Collect Unemployment" thing didn't work out like expected. I haven't gotten a dime. The whole "Call your former employer about your severance pay" thing also didn't work out as planned either. So I'm back to square one; still hopeful about the future, what's in store for me and not cracking under the pressure.

I'm too much of a "Prideful, Stubborn Capricorn" to admit when I need help. Bad, I know. But I cannot help it. That just who I am. I pride myself on being the person who always has things in the bed. Never in a clutch begging for money or a quick fix. I'd like to keep it that way...but can I really?

I've contemplated many things: moving back to Boston to live wit my Lady...get back on my feet. Take a random job anywhere just to get income circulating. Apply for regular office jobs to give me a break from journalism a while. I mean you name it, I thought of it. But...when you're the type of person I am, you have to think of many things.

There is an upside to being unemployed in my case. For the past 2yrs I busted my ASS working for the small newspaper I worked for. Staying late, working weekends, driving an hr everyday, working at home until wee-hours n the morning. But...that was my CAREER! It felt good to be fresh outta college and working as an Editor. Not many people can say that. But, when I was let go, there was this overwhelming feeling of FREEDOM. When most people would be panicking, I was rejoicing. I had TIME back. I didn't have time before. I could sleep in, I could enjoy my weekends without having to worry about working all night on Sunday to make Monday deadline, I could work on my children's book, I could read, I could cook...the list went on.

I still feel that way too...even tho, at this point in the month, panic mode is slowly creeping in, I'm still managing to find the positive in a shitty situation. The book is coming along well, I've found my inner poet again; performed at an open mic for the first time in 8yrs, I started back freelancing writing so I don't lose touch with my craft, spent some time with my brother, went to the movies a couple times. So...in all, if I can keep this positivity up I don't imagine going crazy anytime soon.

I just keep in touch with my faith...asking God to take control and bring me something good and worth my while. That's all I can do really. I've emailed my resume to just about every business in Montgomery that was hiring. Some have called me back, others haven't. But, I'm still optimistic...

Something will happen...SOON
(Fingers crossed)

Until next time...