Sunday, January 31, 2010

Let Me Put You Up on Game

There are two people in the blogging game right now that have totally won me over: The Assimilated Negro aka TAN and TWiB (This Week in Blackness) spearheaded by front man Elon James White.

When I tell you, these two keep it sooo politically INCORRECT (which I LOVE) and sooo real, its hard to find a flaw. Each have their own way of responding to the Pundits, and what-have-you in the media and it is absolutely a joy to read.

(Links here: TWiB and TAN )

Elon and the TWiB team have the best Web Episodes out there. They're currently in their Third season of the webisodes and every single last one of them is HILARIOUS. Elon is great with words. Great punchlines, Deliverance, and most importantly KNOWLEDGE. He spits truth. What can I say?

TAN...he takes a subtle approach. He covers things about everyday life, shit he encounters on a daily basis, answers fan mail on his blog, hip-hop commentary, the list goes on.

In all, both are hilarious in their own way. Follow one of the links above to view their website/blogs.


Random Rant: Gloriifying Teenage Pregnancy

Me and Reality TV do not get along. I think people have become increasingly obsessed with other people's lives now or days that we're forgetting the whole thing about "PRIVACY" and the sanctity of personal space.

So I am watching MTV one day (something I RARELY do) and I see they're advertising the new season of "16 & Pregnant." Now, I understand that teen pregnancy has becoming increasingly common in today society, that is not my argument. My argument is that I feel MTV is exploiting these young women and their lives.

We do not need to know they're Baby Daddy drama, all their personal details of their pregnancy, nor the encouraging words they feel they need to offer other teen mothers out their. Situations like this I believe need to be dealt with in the family sect.

What I fear more importantly is that we will be giving young girls the wrong impression of teen pregnancy. I fear they will view pregnancy as this glorious event (which it is...when done in the correct manner of time) when in actually it is a very important, challenging event in life. At 16 years old, the only thing you should be worried about is Junior Prom, dating, school and summer jobs. Not diapers and hoping your child's father is still around.

I fear that they (young girls) will misconstrue one persons life with another. Just because one girl's pregnancy was accepted by her family, doesnt mean that it is like that for all teen moms.

I mean, I can keep going, but I wont because this is a very touchy subject. Do not get me wrong, I love children and I commend the young mothers who are dealing with raising their babies along with taking care of themselves. Mistakes do happen, yes I know, but something as personal as this, raising a child at such a young age, is already hard enough now you have to factor in millions of ppl seeing it.

I am, however, relieved that the young mothers chose Life (my Catholic religion kicks in when I say that) because as hard and out of pocket it seems raising a child, Kids are still the most precious gift God can give us.

Until next time...

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Jimi is a GOD

First let me say Happy Tuesday. Three more days until the weekend!

Anywho...I was on Facebook a day or two ago and my classmate Mike Bean posted some GREAT guitar videos of MY favorite Guitarist, Jimi Hendrix, along with The Roots guitarist "Captain" Kirk Douglas. MAN...what can I say! I am a sucker for the strings. LOL.

I dont know what to say about Jimi. The man is just genius when it comes to the guitar. He single-handedly PAVED the way for artists like Eric Clapton, Captain Kirk and other killer ass guitarists out there today. By the way, another guitarist you should look out for is Orianthi. She was the female guitarist in Michael Jackson's "This Is It" movie. The chick is NICE. seriously.
Here's her link: Orianthi RIPS "This is It"

But back to Jimi...

He knew what the people wanted, even when they tried to tell him to play it safe and that people wouldnt understand his music. He may have been a tad bit high on drugs back then, but his creativity was NEVER clouded. He spoke across the racial barrier and the political unrest of the 60's..might I add he was a style guru too. His jackets and headbands were fly!

Without further ado, thanks to my classmate go a couple guitar clips for your entertainment!


Saturday, January 23, 2010

For Colored Girls who have just had ENOUGH period

Whew! Third entry of the night! I am on a ROLL.

Thinking for content, I remembered a conversation I had with an old classmate of mine about Color Complexes, currently one of my favorite conversations to have with people now. Genuinely, I am just curious to see if anyone will honestly admit to having a Color Complex. 

We talked for a while, and you cannot have a conversation about Color Complexes without making reference to two to the countries most infamous and fabled color survey's: The Paperbag Test and the Doll Test. 

You know the tests! The one if your not the shade of a paperbag or lighter, you're considered too dark. Or the one studying which doll children are more likely to play with; a black doll or a white doll. 

But enough about that, google them if you want to know more.

Anyway, As you can see, I am a Chocolate girl, and my classmate, he is a Chocolate boy, who to my surprise (yes, I was shocked when he said...) he LOVES Dark-skinned women. In my lifetime, Chocolate/Chocolate relationships were HARD to come by. You almost didnt see them. Like it was taboo to bring home such a person...that is unless you are lighter!

I can honestly say that I never had a Color Complex, but if you look at my current relationship you would think I was lying because...Taa Daa, he is light-skinned. Hey, shit happens right? Right. And because of that damned Color Complex, every relationship I had was of the same result. Dark-skinned me...Light-skinned Boy. They were the only ones interested in me. Believe it or not, not many light-skinned men like light-skinned women. Why? I do not know. Not all of them though, just a few. 

A boy in high school told me, "I dont like dark-skinned girls, but your pretty." Gee, well Thank You!

But I am not bitter. I've had several great long-term relationships because of my one-sided situation. But you know what, I blame the institution of slavery from messing our minds up until this day.

The House Negro/Field Negro complex arises. Lighter blacks in the house doing lesser chores. Dark-skinned blacks doing all the strenuous work. That led to mama's wanting to have lighter children to save them from a early death in the field. And hundreds of years later, we've carried that notion onto our current relationships.

My argument is this: if you have a Color Complex, let it be an honest PREFERENCE, not a racially tinged decision based on years of negativity. Like/LOVE someone for what they are. Not a skin tone. Like/LOVE them because of how they make you feel, not because she/he has nice hair, or you'll make "pretty light-skinned babies." Like/LOVE someone because you like their nappy, kinky hair or because every time you see him/her you want a Hershey Chocolate bar. 

All I am saying is, know your preferences because if I ask you this question, and your answer starts with, "Ummm, I never thought about it like that," it means you have.

Friday, January 22, 2010

On Fridays I like to play with guns

See, I knew I'd get  your attention!
Sorry for the joke, but I had to bring you in some kind of way.

So, as I continue to ponder what my next big blog release is going to be about, I can cant help but be drawn to the notion of poetry (meaning: Writing in Metrical verse). Like music speaks volumes to the listeners who succumb to the 808's, Poetry is the poor man's freestyle. Poetry is Hip-Hop, it is RnB, it is Rock, it is EVERYTHING. Go to a good poetry slam at a coffee house and instantly the vibe sucks you in like your favorite song played on some good ass speakers.

No lie, I am dead serious.

If you dont know poetry like I KNOW poetry...go see for yourself. Its a wonderful thing. Do some research, ask all your TRUE hip-hop friends who Gil Scott Heron is, who Nikki Giovanni is, who Saul Williams is. REAL wordsmiths. True to self, True to verse, True to life.

I only hope that in my life I am able to hold a Candle (not a torch) to their legacy. Words are light, and light leads you to the truth.

Follow people...

The Wait is OVER

Alright, so after MUCH debate and soul searching...I finally decided to buckle down and create a blog! I figured, what the heck! I have so much to talk about, discuss, rant and rave about, its better if I opened my views to the world and put it on Frontstreet. I am not afraid anymore. More so excited! I spend so much time in the Newspaper realm, finding my opinion about things because of course, like any law abiding, ethical Journalist, I am programed to separate Opinion from NEWS.

Well, darn it...This is what happens when you let the Journalist free...ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE!

Spread the Word!
I'm trying to build a fan base here people...hope your willing to take a ride!

Until next time...