Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Networking vs. Branding (Why didn't I think of that?)

I learned a valuable tip today. WEB BRANDING! Pure genius! "Why didn't I think of that," was the first thing I said in my head. Surprisingly, I knew this theme already from college, but never put it to use. Shame on me. Basically, as the young lady put it who was talking on my TV, us "Millenials" (us Twentysomething professionals) are using our power of navigating the world of Social Networking COMPLETELY WRONG!

Yes, we all have Twitter and Facebook accounts, but are we putting the same effort and depth into more beneficial sites like LinkedIn?? According to statistics; NO.

By now I am completely hooked. My gaze has deepened and I am writing notes. The proof is in the pudding people and this is why: with the internet at EVERYONE's fingertips...our activity has a footprint and we aren't even paying attention. More and more employers and companies are heavily interested in our Footprints. What blogs we have, what we are tweeting about and more importantly...WHAT GOOGLE HAS TO SAY ABOUT YOU! (cue dramatic music)

While we are wasting our time aimlessly meandering the net and liking statuses...we ought to be actively blogging, putting real interest in creating, maintaining and updating our LinkedIn profiles and make profitable use of our power to BRAND OURSELVES. With unemployment high for us Millenials, out of school, eager to work, degree in hand, it is time for us to take hiring into our own hands. 1/3 student do not have LinkedIn profiles and its one of the #1 ways to make connections with companies and exec's, post your resume, get recommendations and link all your web-based work IN ONE PLACE. Its the ultimate portfolio.

One thing we should all be taught is Branding. Its the ultimate tool. Next time you are on Google, type in your name. If you don't like what you see (or don't see anything at all) its time for some action. With sites like Tumblr, Blogspot, Twitter, etc. there isn't really an excuse to NOT be making a strong brand for yourself. Just like our parents told us about making good impressions, it applies to your web persona.

So get out there and get active...WISELY. Hide the wild spring break and pub crawl photos and replace them with volunteer work pics. Show your "Good side."

Happy Branding!

Until we meet again,