Saturday, October 8, 2011

Happiness Unmeasured

When you measure something you are limiting how much you want...I want all the happiness I can get. Life should be unmeasured because we should all want what it has to offer us. I have given up on measuring things outside of a food recipe. I want everything. I want Life, I want Love and I want to successfully pursuit happiness. So far, I am on a great path with great people. I couldn't ask for more...but is that going to stop me from embracing whatever comes next? Not in the lease bit. My Heart among many things has taken control of my life...this, is new. I've followed it to the very end and I have been nothing but surprised by all of its mysteries. Discovering a sense of freedom, a sense of self and a sense of everlasting partnership and Love. 

No longer am I placing there are no borders or boundaries. I can say, I've never felt so ALIVE! Its a revelation...a epiphany of sorts...a coming of age of Life as I never knew it. But the best part of coming out and basking in life's eternal sunshine is having someone to share it with, who not only get's it...but embraces it as their own second-coming. What I think we all desire out of life and of true Happiness is the unmeasured amounts of it that we receive. That feeling of waking up everyday and being blessed to have Happiness in and around you. 

So what is Happiness Unmeasured? Its that feeling of taking a deep, long breath and finally feeling satisfied. dedicated to my Heart...
II Hearts...1Beat

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