Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Why are we so stuck on COLOURS...

I love that fact that we are an opinionated people because that allows for some very intelligent (or unintelligent) conversation. Me and my fellow blogger and bestest buddy Yasmin were having one of our daily Sisterly conversations when she sends me this link to a Slim Thug interview in Vibe Magazine.

Thugga...not one of my favorite rappers in the world, but still a popular act, has officially gone on my Shit List just for his shear audacity to say things such as:
"They have to understand that successful Black men are kind of extinct. We’re important. It’s hard to find us so Black women have to bow down and let it be known that they gotta start working hard; they gotta start cooking and being down for they man more..."
Really Mister Thug? Is that your opinion? I couldnt help it. I went semi-postal when I continued to read the article because it seemed as if it went from BAD to WORSE in an instant. The young lady who wrote the article I commend her. I am just a little bit too opinionated to have let his stupidity slide.

Though I officially hate his guts for throwing Black Women under the bus (ONCE AGAIN) I will not fault him because of the simple fact that he is obviously ignorant beyond belief. He goes on to rant and rave about having this intelligent, mixed breed girlfriend who is a Columbia University graduate and how his brother would clown him for NOT having a white girl because he "gotta do all that arguing and fighting and worry about all this other shit.” 

(Side Note: I am laughing my ass off by now. I simply have heard enough)

Mister Thug...I'd like to tell you one thing on behalf of us "Ungrateful Black Women," We do not settle for less, as well nobody of any race should. Point blank. I do not know why you Rappers and men of status think you can just come out writing off PLENTY of good Black Women simply because before you were a STAR you dated hoodrats. The DYNAMIC of a Black Woman is complex. Not all the time will you have a hot home cooked meal waiting for after you've finished screwing everything walking on tour, but that does not mean that a good Black Woman is not capable of "holding you down" or whatever the hell you want to call it. Oh, and might I add...you cheated on your GORGEOUS Black girlfriend LaToya Luckett. (SHAME..u think I didnt know??) Anyway...ahem..back to my point. 

All of a sudden there is this notion that all women are supposed to be these submissive creatures of habit, only capable of cooking, cleaning and being demoralized. NOT HAPPENING Thugga. You should want a woman (not just because of her skin color) but because she has something going for HERSELF. This includes Black Women. In history, Black Women have stood alongside some powerful men and have made their own strides in this world. Leading slaves to freedom, running countries, breaking records, standing up for civil rights, traveling to the moon...you name it. I am still at a lost as to how you might have missed all that Thugga. Letting your ego get in the way of loving inside your own race just goes to show that (MOST) men really do only think about themselves and how they are going to feel in the long run. 

Black Men are being locked up everyday. They are killing each other on the street and tons of other Not-So-Good things. But you do not hear me calling every Black Man in America "Jailbait" because guess what Mister Thug...EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT! You cannot hold ALL Black Women accountable for somebody else, as well as women cannot say "All Men are dogs" because not ALL MEN are dogs...but there are a few. 
These females that you speak of: 
 "...girls that will buy a $3,000 bag and don’t know how to pay it off on their credit cards. They walk around in these Louis Vuittons and red bottoms but they’re riding around in raggedy cars, so it’s just getting your priorities right."
Unfortunately do exist. Yes, it is true..but are all of us the same? That's a real Uneducated assumption. You go on to say such things like:
"White women treat they man like a king and Black women feel like they ain’t gotta do that shit. Black women need to stand by their man more. Don’t always put the pressure of if I’m fucking with you, you gotta buy me this and that. Black men are the ones that motherfuckers need [but] I think a lot of them need to step it up too. A Black man who gets a little bread will go make it rain in the club and be broke the next day or instead of him going to invest in a business he gonna go buy new jewelry or a new car and still live in the hood. Black peoples’ mentality is real fucked up in general [and] it’s affecting everything..."
Yes it is Mister Thug..Including your rationale. You go from blaming Black Women to blaming Black People as a whole...Ummm, pretty good cop out. I just want you to know you just included yourself in that statement too. That is, unless you feel as though you belong to a different race all together? Your use of stereotyping and generalizations is preposterous (for lack of a better word) and speaks only to your lack of understanding and better judgment...or lack there of.

  I hope everything works out for you tho. Good luck with...ummm, that.

An Educated Black Women...

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  1. I feel that there is a lot of hate going on within the African American community. Black men think that black women are too difficult and so forth, and the women think niggas aint shit... its too much! i feel like interracial dating is only a problem when its for the wrong reasons