Tuesday, May 25, 2010

As Buddy would say: "People r the worst folk in the World"

I have the pleasure of working with one of the world most prolific men. His name is Henry "Buddy" Thomas and I love him to death. He's a wise man, who has seen the world change many times, so when he talks, I usually listen intently.

During one of his daily "rants" (though, its not really a rant) he goes to say my newest, most favorite quote:
"You know what baby, People are the worst folk in the world,"
And he's actually right. 

Of course, he means that in a whole different sense, but when you think about it, most of the problems we have in our life are due to people. We have relationship issues, work issues, friendship issues; all due to people. A friend and I were having a conversation recently about "People," Wishy-washy people in particular. I made this statement about protecting your feelings from those who care nothing of them...and the conversation ensued!

See, my philosophy on people is this: People walk in and out of your life for a reason. Mostly to teach you a lesson, mostly because they cannot handle the caliber of person you are.

My way of thinking helps me understand what People really are and what they are capable of. I read People, (its a gift and a curse) so I can get a reading off of what I can rely on them for. If I read that you're a good person, cool the talk to, horrible at being reliable, THEN, chances are I will never call you for anything. If you're not one for hanging out, but GREAT at being a good listener, then I know when I am having a hard day I have someone to talk to. 

See, I'm not one for friends. Not saying that I don't have friends, I have a few. Everyone else is a "Homie." I put People in these categories because like all things, People need to be organized too. Its fcuked up that we just can't love everybody and befriend everybody. It just doesnt work. I've tried. Some People really want true love, true companionship, true friendship--others, NOT SO MUCH. But I do not blame them. I blame what they have been thru. 

So often in my life (in both school and college) I've had fairweather "friends." Ones that speak when its convenient vs. when its right. Ones that never call you at all unless they need something from you. That's fine too. My "People Organizational Skills" have allowed me to identify these People and live my life hurt-free when they go back to their actual ways.

Its completely messed up that I, in a sense, expect People to fail me. It's partly because they do it all the time and it never fails. And believe it or not, 2010 has been the year of "True Colors." I believe in Karma just as much as I believe in Murphy's Law (ya know: Anything that can go wrong, Will). I've never been anything less than Me! I dont know how to be another Person. I'm real with my "Homies" as I am with my "Friends." You can either love me or hate me. It doesnt matter. I'd be long dead before I'd achieve the status of "The World's Most Liked Person." If we're cool, then that's exactly what we are...there's no gray area to factor in. That is until I get the feeling that u take my friendship for granted, then--we're pretty much done! Done that several times.

If you stay true to yourself, your values, your morals, your philosophy, your belief--just look People in the eye, smile, and live your life like you've been unphased.


  1. Why you can't write like that for my statements???? I need this energy. Thanks babes.

  2. I give your statements all I got! Its not that simple when your not writing it for yourself. But thanks for reading my blog tho.