Thursday, May 19, 2011

Jovani Fox VS The "Fox"

Its because of people like Bill O'Reilly and the "Fox News" dumb dumbs that really make it easy for me to demolish them. I thank my professors in college for helping me hone my "Bullshit" radar...really, it comes in pretty handy in the Obama Era. 

Its safe to say; and quite frankly, I have come to the conclusion that people can (and will) say anything on TV and in the media. I have also come to the conclusion that we (as a people) will never actually agree on anything. But see, that is the beauty of it all. The twisted and hateful beauty of being a free-thinking person in America. FREEDOM OF SPEECH! 

Alas! With all that being said, I was hit with this TRAVESTY of reporting...(see link below)
Of course, everybody's favorite "Fair & Balanced" news station FOX NEWS recently was all over Common's appearance at the White House via invitation by First Lady Michelle Obama...and who BUT Bill O'Reilly (everybody's favorite idiot) was there to lead the three ring circus. I am not surprised he hopped on that bandwagon, and approached the situation with such "scholarly" like rigor...But what I am mostly surprised with is why he just hasn't come out and say he is racist. It is obviously apparent and I don't think I have to be the one to point this out.

The other night he had fellow talk show host John Stewart on his show discussing how "stupid" it was of the President of the United States to knowingly have "People like Common" "Supporters" of Cop-Killers (i.e. Assata Shakur and Mumia Abu Jamal, former Black Nationalists) at the White House. It was also apparent that O'Reilly knows absolutely nothing about Common at all. Painting this picture like he is some horrible "Thug Rapper" is a far cry for sheer stupidity. We're talking about probably one of the most positive and yet still kind of under-appreciated rappers who rarely curses and never objectifies women or talks about drugs. I could actually side with O'Reilly had it been somebody like Lil Boosie or Gucci Mane rapping at the White House. Clearly every rapper is a thug to this guy. 

During the duration of the interview, as John Stewart looked to be painting O'Reilly up against the wall, all he could say about Common was "He supports Cop killers," and how Obama needs to check the resume of people who he invites to the White House. And it was Stewart that pointed out that several performing artists whom appeared at the White House had unsavory like resumes. Case in point: Bono was invited to the White House in the past and he to (knowingly) had made music in regards to supporting criminals and convicted killers. But unlike Common...Bono is white. 

After wasting nearly 10 minutes of my life. Scratching my head and laughing hysterically, I said aloud to the computer: "Just say you don't like Black people." Honestly, I would have rather heard him say that because riding the ONLY negative fact about the man as your primary source of debate is just cover up for your racist connotation. But its okay, do you want to know why? Because it was on Fox! The almighty Fox. Where the world gets all the "Correct" information. I really wish for once we can step down from our AGENDAS and give people the TRUTH. The world would be a much better place...Maybe. 

(sidebar: I also found this tidbit online. An O'Reilly supporter with a blog! HOW FUN Yaay!)

If I teach you nothing with this blog, I hope you learn to be skeptical...#foodforthought

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