Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Bridge is OVER..Or is it?

And WE (meaning me!) are back! LIVE and in living color. I am proud to say that as of Monday, April 5, 2010 that I, Jovani Y. Fox has completed my Lenten feat. As previously mentioned in an earlier entry, for 40 days and 40 nights, I was giving up my "social life"...No Twitter, No Facebook, No Myspace and the hardest thing to give up; NO TEXT MESSAGING. It was hard at first and I almost slipped up a few times, but I held my ground and this is what I learned:

THE BEAUTY IN VOICES: The people that I texted the most were the ones I called often. I have never used the phone as much as I did the last month and a half, but I am glad that I did. Without texting, actual phone calls were my only way of communication. Gladly, I didnt go over my minutes.

WHAT HAPPENED TO THE BEEPING?: With no notifications going off and text messages coming in, my phone barely made any noises! When I was logged onto all of my networks on my phone, just about every 5 minutes something was buzzing, chirping or ringing. With all that ceased, I was at peace. I wasn't rushing to see what it was because...there was nothing there to check or rush to. I realized how annoying it actually was.

 I REALLY CAN SET GOALS: Now, I admit, I am not the world's more structured person. Often times I say i'm going to do one thing and I don't. Not because i'm careless or I don't care to live up to my word, its simply the fact that hell, I forget things alot! But this experience showed me that I can buckle down and make my goal my FIRST priority. Now if I can just remember to apply that theory to my diet I'll be in business!

When I felt like cheating or sending a harmless text, I thought about why I was doing this and what Lent means to my Catholic faith. For 40 days and nights Jesus gave up so many things in preparation for his death and resurrection. I thought about it. Long and hard, if my Savior could deny himself the very things that help him healthy and alive, how hard could it be to give up social networks and texting. The verdict--not very hard at all.

And in the end, I made it. All 40 days and nights.

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