Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Getting the hang of things

I just spent the last three hours playing graphic designer...a job I am not licensed to do.
Yet, I was inspired by the creativity of all my fellow bloggers and decided to design myself a "Customized Header" (See above. You like?). New to graphics, yet creative enough to get by, I used my skills in Photoshop and designed the new header.
That was the easy part.
The complicated part was trying to discover HOW to upload the damn image! I literally went through 6 different "Blog for Dummies" sites (which were not too 'Dummie' friendly) before I found a site that had clear, concise and up to date instructions I could follow. The other jargon-heavy "advice blogs" for lack of a better term of description, poorly give me instructions that led me to a brick wall more times than once.
Though, like a crackhead on a mission, I pressed on; stumbling many times. Now, here I am at 1:49 am, I have overcome the beast called "Customized Header." Not to mention, I was supposed to have help from a friend, who I later discovered fell asleep on me, left me to fend for myself.
But it is okay. We all struggle at some point in our life so we can learn lessons. Today's lesson: Hire a web designer!

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