Saturday, February 13, 2010

Guilty Pleasures

So I was browsing through Google images and INSTANTLY a lightbulb went off. GUILTY PLEASURES...all the things I google and look at on a daily or weekly basis came to mind and there you have it, a BLOG idea.

There are a few things that I go Ga-Ga over: Shoes, Makeup, Black & White photos and Greece. Random? Yes, I know, but what can I say? One way to my heart is to understand my indulgence of these things and helping to feed my habit.

Plus since i've been sick for the past couple of days, i've had plenty of time on my phone and my laptop...googling away!

So without further ado, I introduce to you...Jovani's Guilty Pleasures...

Guilty Pleasure 1: Christian Louboutin

 I am  a SHOE WHORE! Nobody knows this because I am a simple Journalist and my salary does not allow for such elaborate shoe purchases..BUT, do not underestimate me. I love shoes. Right now, I am a huge fan of Christian Louboutin. He is simply THE best shoe designer to me right now. What gets me about Christian of course is that signature Candy Red sole! (Shivers) It is magnificent! I love platform shoes, I love animal prints (especially Python) and I love boots. Christian gives me EVERYTHING I need. I can have a platform Python Boot (which he has) if I want. One day I tell ya...One day..

Guilty Pleasure 2: Mac Cosmetics

 In High School, you couldn't pay me to wear I swear by it! I do not wear it everyday because I never want to be the chick who is Gorgeous with makeup on and Horrendous without it. But when I DO wear makeup..You cannot tell me SHIT! I'm big on eye makeup. I've been told I have pretty eyes, so I accentuate them as often as I can and who best to use for glamorous eyes..MAC. Yes, it can be expensive, but Beauty is Pricey. I love the above photo because its their Barbie Mac campaign and what girl doesnt love Barbie? I love their high intensity pigments and their lipgloss is the BEST. Cheers to you MAC..every girl's best friend!

Guilty Pleasure 3: Black & White Photography
I love pictures (being in them and taking them). In college I took black and white photography and absolutely fell in LOVE! The essence of black and white photography is astounding. With color pictures you get soo caught up in color that you forget the story in the photo. By removing the color, you are allowing the picture to speak to you. You can capture the moment with black and white photography and tell a beautiful story without in using words! Ahhhhh...its just classic!

Guilty Pleasure 4: Greece
What is there NOT to love about this image above? This piece of heaven is a beach on one of Greece's islands--Santorini. I dont know what it is about Greece that I love. Maybe its the Superb turquoise waters, the beautiful people, the food (its GREAT) or the Black Sand beaches. Whatever it is, I know I must go here one day. I am a huge fan of beaches so I know I will find this beach (or one of Greece's many black sand beaches) and lay out, soak up some sun or bottle some up and bring back to the states with me. I mean, Black Sand..come on! How sexy is that?  

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