Saturday, February 13, 2010

Schmalentine's Day

My bestest Homie in the whole wide world Yasmin (a fellow blogger Her blog!) told me I was anti-Valentine's Day. Now it may seem that way because I really dont give a damn about it personally..well, at least not anymore (Thank Goodness I grew up), and NO its not because i'm a bitter single woman. I very much have a boyfriend (who i've been dating for 5 years) and I STILL dont give a damn about it. Why? Because I am a realist.

I don't fancy Valentine's Day because of TWO distinct reasons:
1. I do not believe in beefing up on LOVE just because its Feb. 14th
2. It only benefits women

Yeah..I said it!

In my personal, realist, totally not single opinion, I feel there is no need to have valentine's day. If people are in they should be, Valentine's Day should be just another day on a calendar. LOVE is a 365 day long holiday. Not just 24hrs. LOVE is not red, its whatever color you want it to be. LOVE has nothing to do with teddy bears and balloons, its whatever items reminds people in love what their LOVE is about. Do not get me wrong... the IDEA of valentine's day was a stellar idea, just not properly thought out. Question! If there was no such thing as valentine's day...would our lives, marriages, relationships be any different? Would love just NOT exist because Feb. 14th wasnt Valentine's Day? Really..ask yourself that question and let me know what your answer is. I probably already know...

Secondly, Valentine's Day is a bit one sided. There is this stigma that Women are the receivers and Men are the givers. I believe in fairness. I havent met ONE guy that has admitted to me that he likes getting silk boxers, teddy bears and flowers for valentine's day. Not ONE! But i've met 100 females that can catalog the time, weather forecast and outfit they were wearing when they got their box of chocolates, giant teddy bear and special "I love you" card. Can you say CHEESY!! If we're going to by gifts for valentine's day just get regular presents that your significant other likes. if your girl or wife likes Kitchen appliances..POW! Baby..Happy's your new toaster! If your man/husband likes game consoles...BAM! Hey baby, here's that new Wii! Screw all the stereotypical Vday themed crap. Just admit it people...they market that shit towards females.

And to my single people this Valentine's Day...dont feel lonely! You're not missing anything you havent already done. Dont let the lovey-dovey people bring you down. Keep your head up and go on about your business. Get a group of your single friends together, Male and/or Female and just vibe out. Grab a bite to eat, go to a movie, just enjoy each others company. Add a bottle of wine too. Fun things always happen after a couple of cups of wine.

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