Saturday, February 13, 2010


SNOW DAYS! Every school kids favorite day, and when your a workaholic journalist like me, I guess its my favorite day too! Tho I wish it snowed like it does in Boston (my hometown) it was still nice to see in Alabama. Too bad I spent my snow day sick as a dog wit tissue in my nose and tons of lemon tea and drugged up long naps. Yet, at Midnight I rise! Like a flower in the springtime.
It was a good quiet day tho. My house that is usually full of boys (my 3 male roommates) was EXTREMELY quiet and pleasant. My television stayed glued to my two favorite channels: Travel channel and Food Network. I made cheese grits and bacon for brunch, tea for breakfast, lunch and dinner and lots of vitamins and cold medicine tablets.
And while I slept thru most of my snow day, I couldn't help but think of HOME! I thought of all the days I wished were snow days, but to all of us Boston Public School kids, u know snow days were hard to come by. I guess the school system figured we were too dumb to appreciate a day off. So...when all the suburban kids in Swampscott and Agawam (actual towns in Massachusetts) got days off...we BPS kids were truckin it to school...snow suits

I also remembered making dirty snowmen, sledding, snowball fights and the trips to Northern New England. I am a natural when it comes to winter sports. I'm an avid ice skater, skiier and snowboarder. I'm what you call a cultured little black girl! What can I say? My parents let me and my brother Joe experience the finer things in life. I'm truly a winter baby. Probably because I was born in the dead of winter on a snowy day in Massachusetts.

But back to snow days...then, there was always the down side to no school snow days..the eminent doom so to speak...the MAKE UP THE SNOW DAYS AT THE END OF THE SCHOOL YEAR! Yes people, u didn't hear wrong. I'm talking about school in the summer time! Its bad enough the sch yr ends in June in Massachusetts, now u want me to sit in the classroom for half of the summer vacay? This shit sucks! It snowed soo bad on winter (thank goodness I was in college by then) that my poor little cousins were in school on Saturdays! Talk about total bummer!

In all, tho I didn't get to make my snow angel today, I still had a good snow day. I look forward to more snow days in Alabama if it means I get a day off! Wait...did the groundhog see its shadow?

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