Thursday, March 11, 2010

Lenten Update: Week Three!

Greetings...from the land of No Social Networks!

LOL..but seriously, as promised, I wanted to update you all on my Lenten Sacrifice...No Social Networking.
So far I have been doing well. As much as I want to get on Facebook and Twitter and Text Message...I have surprisingly stayed away from my personal evils. This goes to show that I really do have some discipline left in my body that is functional. Quite frankly, I was not exactly sure how well I was going to do, but I must not forget Lent is nowhere near being over. Its only the second week in March. I have until the Easter Sunday (April 3rd) until it is all over.

But seriously, with every bit of honesty I have in my body, I feel I am not really missing much. I have found ways to occupy my time, without aimlessly screwing my time up with useless twitter updates or talking to people I dont care to talk to on Facebook chat. Though, there are days when I am out and about that I really want to tweet something dumb I just saw, I quickly turn my attention to something else.

I have started back reading books in my spare time! A double plus for me because I love reading. I love writing and reading other people's styles of writing so getting back into reading (anything and everything) is putting me back into a place I havent been in a long time. I started talking to people on the phone! Can you believe that? I hate the phone, but I love having a phone. Weird...but true for a lot of people. Nobody has conversations anymore, we text; and its messing alot of my friends up because they will say..."when is Easter so you can text. We havent talked in a while!"...or "I started to text you but I remembered you ain't texting anyone anymore." like picking up the phone is so hard to do. 

Because of this, I am making an official apology to all my friends whom I have said those same things to as well. (Boy, what a tangled web we weave) With that, I have come to my first realization that verbal conversation is the sure-fire way of conversing. It just took me this long to figure it out.

My book has become another priority again. Started gathering ideas and getting some thoughts together as far as illustration and content. You will be amazed at how much you can get accomplished and discovered when you take something that encompassed you life so much out of the picture entirely. The proverbial Shackles have come off. I am no longer a slave to my internet habits.

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