Sunday, March 14, 2010

Live Music: My Poison

One thing I can say about my taste in music is: No matter the genre, No matter if I like it or not, If you sound good live...I will enjoy it.

Still reveling off of my high of live music, I managed to collect all the thoughts and ideas I have and experiences I wanted to share after I sat through a OneRepublic concert. You know...OneRepublic. The newest Alternative/Rock group? Two years ago they came out with their hit debut single; Apologize...Timbaland did the remix?...ringing any bells? Well, anyways..(follow the link if you must) WOW! Great group! I mean, I already liked them before I saw them in I REALLY like them.

Now if you are asking how did I stumble across this opportunity,'s the story. I got an email last week from a mutual associate of mine asking around via email if anyone wanted to volunteer at the OneRepublic concert. Me of course, always looking for something new and interesting to do, I signed on. To make a long story short, met up with the event planner for the Montgomery Riverfront Facilities, was assigned my job duties (by the way, I was the legal ID checker for the Booze) and made my way in; All Access badge on, camera in hand.

A group called A Rocket Summer opened for OneRepublic. They were a good little band too.

But back to OneRepublic. Man, that lead singer of theirs, Ryan Tedder can sing his ASS off !(excuse my language) His sound is very soulful, powerful and melodic. He carries the beat well, adding his own style, flavor and this sexy type of crooner-esque bellow that leaves the crowd SCREAMING for more. He could sing to me any day...he's just that good.

But wait...there are more equally talented musicians there. The drummer.SICK, all the band members play guitar which is cool because each song they switched instruments. There's Cello and Violin's in just about every other song, adding a string quartet sound to their live shows; not to mention Tedder jumping between his Piano, the Tamborine and an Acoustic guitar.

Talented is an understatement for the band members. They truly embody all the characteristics of a successful LIVE group of musicians. They juxtaposed comedy, music and storytelling into their show with Tedder jumping into the audience every now and then.

Nonetheless, I very much enjoyed myself. If they come back to Montgomery I will be sure to go. From beginning to end I couldnt help but nod my head and yell the words to the songs I did know, a sure sign that OneRepublic gets the "Jovani Seal of Approval"

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