Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Stop Looking for a Handout!

I CANNOT STAND PEOPLE WHO ARE ALWAYS LOOKING FOR A HANDOUT! That is exactly how I am going to approach this blog today!

In my line of work, I see a lot of people and hear a lot of Off-Brand request from some of my customers, always looking for the easy way out. Always wanting quality work, but for minimum quality price. The Math just isn't working out right.

It is evident and I am completely aware of the economy. Its no secret that money is sort of hard to come by, but in retrospect, I need to get paid also.

This goes back to a conversation I had with a lady yesterday about our people, meaning African-Americans, in the rural South, being complacent. When you are asking for a handout, you are asking someone to sacrifice their livelihood to help you out. I am all for helping out when I can, especially if its something small that wouldn't be missed, but you want me to give you a deal on something that is a couple hundred dollars..for the low low?? I have bills, I need gas money to get back and forth to work, but you want me to give you a damn near 100% discount?

Henry "Buddy" Thomas, my prolific co-worker says it best when he throws his hands up and says..."People are the worst folk in the world. Did you know that?" Yep Mr. Buddy..I do know.

Not only does it bug me that people want a handout, it bugs me that the people who always want the handout have two main characteristics: 1.) They are repeat "Handout" offenders and 2.) They're the ones with the most money.

Leave the handouts to those who really are struggling and cannot afford to run articles in my newspaper and are running low in their business advertising budget. Leave it for the little old ladies that come in and ask for help with their church announcements for their small, country, homegrown churches. Those are the people I am willing to help. Those are the people I feel the most joy in helping. Not the conglomerate business man.

I will help those who are trying to help themselves. Not help give them more profit or for free publicity and bragging rights. I leave that up to the politicians.

It is completely hilarious and sad in the same breath. How can any one entity profit when a community of movers and shakers continuously try to rob you blind. Nobody is going to rob me or my employees blind..not on my watch!

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