Sunday, January 31, 2010

Let Me Put You Up on Game

There are two people in the blogging game right now that have totally won me over: The Assimilated Negro aka TAN and TWiB (This Week in Blackness) spearheaded by front man Elon James White.

When I tell you, these two keep it sooo politically INCORRECT (which I LOVE) and sooo real, its hard to find a flaw. Each have their own way of responding to the Pundits, and what-have-you in the media and it is absolutely a joy to read.

(Links here: TWiB and TAN )

Elon and the TWiB team have the best Web Episodes out there. They're currently in their Third season of the webisodes and every single last one of them is HILARIOUS. Elon is great with words. Great punchlines, Deliverance, and most importantly KNOWLEDGE. He spits truth. What can I say?

TAN...he takes a subtle approach. He covers things about everyday life, shit he encounters on a daily basis, answers fan mail on his blog, hip-hop commentary, the list goes on.

In all, both are hilarious in their own way. Follow one of the links above to view their website/blogs.


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