Friday, January 22, 2010

On Fridays I like to play with guns

See, I knew I'd get  your attention!
Sorry for the joke, but I had to bring you in some kind of way.

So, as I continue to ponder what my next big blog release is going to be about, I can cant help but be drawn to the notion of poetry (meaning: Writing in Metrical verse). Like music speaks volumes to the listeners who succumb to the 808's, Poetry is the poor man's freestyle. Poetry is Hip-Hop, it is RnB, it is Rock, it is EVERYTHING. Go to a good poetry slam at a coffee house and instantly the vibe sucks you in like your favorite song played on some good ass speakers.

No lie, I am dead serious.

If you dont know poetry like I KNOW poetry...go see for yourself. Its a wonderful thing. Do some research, ask all your TRUE hip-hop friends who Gil Scott Heron is, who Nikki Giovanni is, who Saul Williams is. REAL wordsmiths. True to self, True to verse, True to life.

I only hope that in my life I am able to hold a Candle (not a torch) to their legacy. Words are light, and light leads you to the truth.

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