Sunday, January 31, 2010

Random Rant: Gloriifying Teenage Pregnancy

Me and Reality TV do not get along. I think people have become increasingly obsessed with other people's lives now or days that we're forgetting the whole thing about "PRIVACY" and the sanctity of personal space.

So I am watching MTV one day (something I RARELY do) and I see they're advertising the new season of "16 & Pregnant." Now, I understand that teen pregnancy has becoming increasingly common in today society, that is not my argument. My argument is that I feel MTV is exploiting these young women and their lives.

We do not need to know they're Baby Daddy drama, all their personal details of their pregnancy, nor the encouraging words they feel they need to offer other teen mothers out their. Situations like this I believe need to be dealt with in the family sect.

What I fear more importantly is that we will be giving young girls the wrong impression of teen pregnancy. I fear they will view pregnancy as this glorious event (which it is...when done in the correct manner of time) when in actually it is a very important, challenging event in life. At 16 years old, the only thing you should be worried about is Junior Prom, dating, school and summer jobs. Not diapers and hoping your child's father is still around.

I fear that they (young girls) will misconstrue one persons life with another. Just because one girl's pregnancy was accepted by her family, doesnt mean that it is like that for all teen moms.

I mean, I can keep going, but I wont because this is a very touchy subject. Do not get me wrong, I love children and I commend the young mothers who are dealing with raising their babies along with taking care of themselves. Mistakes do happen, yes I know, but something as personal as this, raising a child at such a young age, is already hard enough now you have to factor in millions of ppl seeing it.

I am, however, relieved that the young mothers chose Life (my Catholic religion kicks in when I say that) because as hard and out of pocket it seems raising a child, Kids are still the most precious gift God can give us.

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